Bank Homes Learning Center

Bank-owned properties are some of the hottest-selling properties in most markets today. Also known as REOs (Real Estate Owned by the bank), these properties can offer great bargains to the smart investor and home buyer. The Bank Homes Learning Center provides detailed tutorials, articles, and guidelines full of helpful information, tips, and advice that will assist you in understanding and mastering the process of buying the best bank-owned properties.

Bank Homes Direct Frequently Asked Questions

Explore the extensive set of frequently asked questions about bank-owned properties. Learn where to find properties, how & why to buy them, how to use the Bank Homes Direct site, and much more. Read More »

Foreclosure Overview & Foreclosure Process

What is foreclosure? How many steps are in the foreclosure progression? Discover the complete details of the entire foreclosure process. Read More »

Tips for Buying REOs

Find out our best tips for buying bank-owned properties, from the beginning of the purchase process to the end. Read More »

Purchasing Bank-Owned REO Properties

Across the country, a staggering number of homeowners are entering the foreclosure process and many are losing their properties to the bank or lender. Here are some guidelines for purchasing these properties. Read More »

Buying Bank-owned REOs at Auction

Thanks to a sharp rise in foreclosure filings nationwide, homebuyers and real estate investors are increasingly likely to encounter bank-owned properties that are for sale at real estate auctions. Read More »

Evaluating Repo Homes

Repo homes are homes that have been taken back by the lender, or bank. Also known as bank-owned or REO homes, repossessed homes can be very advantageous and cost-effective to the smart home buyer. Read More »

Recently added REO homes

property image Border
Corona, CA 92882

2 bd, 2 ba, 1074 sqft
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property image Sterling
Corona, CA 92882

3 bd, 2.5 ba, 1786 sqft
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property image Mojeska Summit
Corona, CA 92883

4 bd, 3 ba, 3512 sqft
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property image Panoramic Dr
Corona, CA 92880

4 bd, 3 ba, 1807 sqft
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property image Benedict
Corona, CA 92882

4 bd, 3 ba, 3468 sqft
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